Study of omega and Phi Production at COSY-11


It is proposed to study the production of omega and Phi-mesons in pp-induced reactions at the COSY-11 facility in an excess energy range of up to 107 MeV. Although the detection efficiency is very low for higher excess energies the coverage of the whole ThetaCM-angular range is given. The feasibility for the observation of the omega-production up to high excess energies at COSY-11 can be shown from the analysis of existing data.
As a first step we propose to measure the angular distributions and the total cross sections for the omega-production at excess energies of 25, 50 and 107 MeV. These data (should yield) informations needed to clarify the role of different reaction mechanisms for omega-production. Furthermore at an excess energy of 25 MeV the measurement of the Phi-production is planned in order to study the feasibility at COSY-11.

Complete document in PostScript format (~898kB)